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Your biggest investment should be about you.

Finding income properties to invest in can be intense, stressful, and straight-up chaotic. There's a whole world-wide-web's worth of confusing, conflicting advice. Bad advice from inexperienced, uncommitted agents who push their own agenda (not yours) can be costly. When you do find that investment opportunity, its devastating to lose it because of a bungled offer or poor negotiating. With the market moving at the speed of light, it's fraught with uncertainty. Real estate transactions can go sideways, fast. When hundreds of thousands of dollars are on the line... ever detail matters.

Get everything just right.
You deserve a real estate partner and friend that honors how much is at stake. One that takes all the time needed to identify ideal income properties for you and wastes no time negotiating when you do. Having an expert investment realtor on your team with a timeline that matches your investment horizon can save you time, money, and stress ― giving you a much easier and efficient path to success. You need an ally you can trust to guide you through the process. We'll have your back so you can rest easy knowing all your bases are covered. We'll walk by your side, so you'll feel confident and in control every step of the way.

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Who You Choose as an Investors Agent Really Does Matter

It can be hard to know who to trust.

Be Heard

We listen carefully.

We take the time to understand your goals, dreams, and real estate investment strategies helping you make wise decisions. What matters to you, matters to us.


Be Informed

We bring clarity to chaos.

Decision making inspiration requires information. Masterful market knowledge and timely communication are jobs we take seriously—applying decades of experience to orchestrate a seamless performance. We’ll keep you in the loop but out of any drama.


Be Invested!

We secure your best opportunity.

Success may look like securing the best price, the right ROI, the quickest closing—perhaps all three! We’ll tap into every resource to get you a contract—and experience—worth telling your friends about!

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Having a savvy REALTOR on your side
is the easiest way to improve your bottom line.

Whether you like glossy presentations or back of the napkin figures, having a savvy REALTOR on your side is the easiest way to improve your bottom line.

If you're taking a stab at becoming a landlord for the first time, graduating to making college town investments, or moving up to multi-family units ― you'll want a driven, local expert with real on-the-ground knowledge of the market.

We get it. We're investors ourselves and have been down this road before. We understand your investment strategy, honor your timelines, help assess your risks and secure a return on your investment. We're not shy about negotiating the best deal possible.

To succeed in life, know when it’s your turn to move.

Most people wish they had an ally they could trust in the business to guide them through the process of buying or selling their home. At J. Kent Erickson Real Estate that’s precisely who we are. We carefully position each of our clients for success.

Here's What You Can Expect:



Our first conversation is super low-key. You ask questions. We learn your goals.
No stress. No worries. No obligation. Call, text, email or stop by—however you reach us, you’ll have us at hello!



We want to learn all we can about you and share our approach to helping you reach your goals. When you’re ready to move forward, we’ll get to work, manage all the details, absorb the stress and keep you informed at every step—all while keeping the enthusiasm high.



By delivering real results you’ll move forward with no regrets feeling secure, calm and confident about every decision. Your success is our favorite part, and we’ll celebrate over your accomplishment.
Hugs, high-fives and handshakes all work—you pick.

We can't wait to meet you.

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Your Local Real Estate Guides Throughout the Heart of Idaho

Idaho is home to an unparalleled quality of life found nowhere else. Rich in art and cultural opportunities amid a backdrop of breathtaking scenery, it’s the reason the Gem State ranks consistently among the fastest-growing states in the country. If your idea of recreation requires being outside, then Idaho will exceed your expectations. An amazing outdoors lifestyle is simply part of Idaho’s DNA.

With all the beauty Idaho offers, it’s hard to find the perfect place to call home. From high-mountain desert to verdant forests, a home in the city to a recreation property we’re here to serve you throughout the heart of Idaho. Our neighborhood guides simplify the process by giving you unique market, lifestyle, and demographic insights into each area.


We Love Our Clients


"By far the best realtor I have dealt with. Kent is incredibly good at what he does. We were actually the buyer in this case. Kent guided us through the search process and helped us to clarify what we were really looking for, distilling our likes and dislikes into a cohesive search profile. He is patRead MoreRead Less
"Highly Recommend! We met Kent at an open house and after having a conversation with him, we knew that he would be the person we would want to use to sell our home and to help us find a new one. Kent is personal, kind and extremely knowledgeable. He was extremely informative and his knowledge of the Read MoreRead Less
"He Gets The Job Done. Kent is a man who doesn't quit until the job is completed. We ran into some bumps along the way of selling our home. Kent addresses each "bump" and finds a way to keep going. His long years of experience in real estate give him the ability to successfully solve problems and Read MoreRead Less
"Despite being miles away, we recently had the pleasure of working with J. Kent Erickson Real Estate in our quest to find the perfect home. We are delighted to share our exceptional experience with this outstanding company. From the moment we engaged with them until the closing of our dream property,Read MoreRead Less
"Kent and his team got us a great house over one weekend in this crazy market. We are so grateful! He and his team also took care of everything to make sure we closed on time and as a personal touch he showed up to welcome us home with pizza and drinks on move-in day. They really went the extra mile Read MoreRead Less
"Working with Casey at J Kent Erickson was a breeze! Always responsive and an obvious passion for what they do, I am so looking forward to working together again. 5 Stars!"
"Kent and his team made it possible for us to find a home in a crazy market. They were very good at finding homes meeting all of our wants and wishes. They helped us negotiate and explained every detail very well so that we never felt in the dark about any step of the process. we would definitely Read MoreRead Less
"I've had the opportunity of working with this team several times now, and they are rock solid. I'm a mortgage lender and working with this team makes my job easier...they are on top of the transactional details at all points and are great to work with."
"We really enjoyed our experience house hunting with Kent! He asked a lot of questions up front about our dreams, expectations and other preferences. As we made offers or looked at prospective homes, he'd ask even more questions about what we thought of different aspects of what we were looking at. "Read MoreRead Less
"Kent and his associates are good people and really eager to go to work for you. I was impressed with the attention to detail, responsiveness, and they made me feel like I was a priority. They helped me negotiate a great deal and I plan to use him again for future needs. Highly recommended!"


You have our word.

We’re real people, dealing with others, so we can’t guarantee there will never be rocks in the road.

We can, however, whole-heartedly guarantee that, if there are, we’ll do our level best to use the stumbling blocks as stepping stones. We will remain 100% focused on you — doing everything possible to protect your interests, preserve your enthusiasm, and provide the moving experience you deserve.

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